The header image on this site is courtesy of RichardMc via pixabay.com. The candlelight images immediately above are courtesy of JillWellington via pixabay.com.

Welcome to Grief to Art: A Site for Collective Mourning

The original need for this site is because we do not have a place for collective mourning for the massive loss of life during COVID-19. We hope this site serves as both memorial and a space to grieve, support each other, and heal. The COVID-19 Wall of Remembrance in particular is meant to be a space of collective mourning and remembrance specific to the pandemic.

As of August 13, 2020, there are 166,000 deaths due to the disease in the United States; 749,000 world-wide; and those numbers are probably under-reported.

As of August 18, 2020, there are 170,000 deaths due to the disease in the United States.

My heart breaks a little more every day. My soul shreds. I am angry. I am so, so angry. The grief needs an outlet. It needs to be transformed into something collective. We need to remember those we’ve lost with love as we work toward a better future.

There is grief beyond this pandemic, and there’s also room for that here. I’m not sure how this site will evolve over time, but I hope it will be a space of comfort, hope, and positive memories as well as sadness and loss.

Please take a look around.

The Walls of Remembrance have space just for those lost to COVID-19 or complications thereof, and also for other losses. The Submissions page has details on sharing work or memories.

We will have  space for Visual and Verbal art born out of grief.  Specifics for submissions will found on the Submissions page when we are ready to handle them. Please do not submit art through any of the remembrance or general information addresses. Please do not submit art  until we are able to process the submissions. We will post here and on our social media accounts when we are ready.

We are building a Meditation Room with images, quotes, mantras, and meditations, to give you a few moments of contemplation and rest.

The Resources page will have information about grief and links to information and help.

The Contributors page is for information on contributing artists, with links to their websites, where relevant, once the visual and verbal pages go live.

At this point, we are not accepting advertisements of any kind. This is supposed to be a safe, contemplative site to honor those we’ve loved and lost.

We are not doing a mailing list at this time, but our Blog/News page serves to update visitors and returning visitors on what is going on. The site is bound to evolve and change over time; we don’t yet know what that will look like.

For questions, please see the Contact page. Please note that this site is completely run by volunteers, and it will take time to respond to emails and submissions. We are doing the best we can. We, too, are grieving and trying to survive the pandemic.

Our social media links will be added as they are set up.

We are on Twitter: www.twitter.com/to_grief.

We hope this gives us all a space to collectively mourn, to honor and celebrate those we’ve lost, and to start the healing process.